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The European Journal of Current Legal Issues (EJoCLI) is the oldest open access legal eJournal in Europe, first published in 1995 as the Web Journal of Current Legal Issues and retitled to reflect a more European context in 2015.  It is refereed, focusing on issues which are topical and important within the field of law. The Journal is currently edited at the School of Law, Lancaster University.  From 1995 to 2012 it was published at Newcastle University and between 2012 to 2016 at the School of Law, Queen's University of Belfast. Issues prior to 2013 are now held on BAILII and are available here.  The URL for the journal is  The contents are also available under the previous URL of

Vol 25, No 1 (2019): EJoCLI 25 (1) 2019

Table of Contents

Editorial for the EJCLI Volume 25 Issue No. 1 Editorial.HTML
Lesley Daniella Klaff


(((Multiple Parentheses))) and Burning Flags: 
Antisemitism and Media Coverage of the 2016 American Presidential Election Cohen.HTML
Ben Cohen
Projections of National Guilt as a form of Antisemitism in German and British centre-left Milieus: An analysis of readers’ comments in Die Zeit and The Guardian as a setting for antisemitism and historical relativisation BECKER.HTML
Matthias Jakob Becker
Pro-Israelism and Antisemitism within Germany`s Populist Radical Right AfD GRIMM.HTML
Marc Grimm
Why the Jews? Harrison.HTML
Bernard Joseph Harrison
Israel, ‘Disproportionate’ Force and the Media: Misconstruing the Laws of War RILEYKLAFF.HTML
Stephen Riley, Lesley Klaff
Nazi-Germany’s Anti-Zionist Propaganda and Its Impact on the War of 1947/48 KUENTZEL.HTML
Matthias Kuentzel

ISSN: 2059-0881